Quizlet What Role Did Photography Play for the Artist Edgar Degas?

Similarly, What role did photography play in the artist Edgar Degas?

Edgar Degas, like many other artists, used images as preliminary studies for his sketches and paintings.

Also, it is asked, What impact did photography have on artists quizlet?

What influence did photography have on traditional art forms? It made it possible to experiment with abstract and nonrepresentational works. Painters were no longer required to keep track of occurrences.

Secondly, Which of the following influence the art made from 1700 to 1865 quizlet?

Which of the following factors affected art created between 1700 and 1865? Faith and liberty were treasured more than reason throughout the Enlightenment. The opulent and whimsical Rococo style was only popular in France.

Also, Which artist fought for recognition of his work leading to the Engraving Copyright Act?

Many of William Hogarth’s paintings were turned into prints. Which artist battled for acknowledgement of his work, which resulted in the 1734 Engraving Copyright Act? The Salon, a lithograph by Pietro Martini, depicts how the paintings were exhibited according to a System.

People also ask, How does the influence of photography show itself in the rehearsal by Degas?

The impact of photography on Degas’s work. However, after concentrating on various mediums like as photography, Degas perceived it as “an image of magical instantaneity” and began to create work that was surprising and irregular in arrangement, reflecting pictures captured on camera.

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In what ways did photography impact traditional art media quizlet?

What influence did photography have on traditional art forms? It made it possible to experiment with abstract and nonrepresentational works. Painters were no longer required to keep track of occurrences.

How did photography affect painting particularly?

As photography progressed from a mechanical way of copying reality to obtaining aesthetic respectability, artists were able to examine light and asymmetrical, cropped areas more closely, as well as explore spontaneity and visual ambiguity.

How did photography impact the realism movement quizlet?

What was the influence of photography on the Realism movement? Realism, like photography, depended on accurate details and exact imitations of experience that were not altered.

When was Impressionism invented?

Who was the artist of the piece above clearly inspired by?

Who was the creator of the above-mentioned work definitely influenced by? Bernini. In the artwork above, which of Caravaggio’s traditions did the artist employ? All of the aforementioned.

What message comes across in Abbey among oak trees?

In Abbey Among Oak Trees, reality and logic take precedence over passion and fantasy. True! For African peoples like the Yombe, rituals that connect with ancestors and natural spirits are just as vital as everyday labor. False!

Why did Edgar Degas paint the ballet class?

Degas was enamored with traditional dance because he believed it spoke something about the human condition. He wasn’t a balletomane in search of an other world to escape to. Dance provided him with a stage on which he might discover some human secrets after much investigation.

When was the rehearsal painted?

Ballet Rehearsal / Created in 1873–1873

What art movement does this 1892 painting by Eugene Boudin represent?

With its sketchy brushstrokes and focus on lighting effects over human features, this picture is often considered as the foundation piece of the Impressionist style. The Waterfront at Le Havre. Claude Monet was born in Le Havre, a coastal town in northwestern France, and grew up there.

Which of the following was one of the artist to recognize the benefits of photography for art?

Which of the following artists was one of the first to appreciate the artistic value of photography? Delacroix, Eugene

What was the first important event to be documented using photography?

Niépce created the first successful image from nature, a view of the courtyard of his rural estate, Gras, from an upstairs window of the house, in 1826/27, using a camera obscura equipped with a pewter plate.

Who was the first person to develop a photographic technique that could record?

Nicéphore Niépce was the first to fix a picture acquired with a camera in the mid-1820s, although it took at least eight hours or maybe several days of exposure in the camera, and the early results were primitive.

What impact does photography give to the artist?

The ability to record reality with fixed or still pictures provides a new medium for humans in general, and artists in particular, to see the world in new ways, and to generate new creative potential. Artists created a variety of innovative painting methods based on the science of photography.

How did photography impact society?

Education, science, politics, culture, tradition, history, communication, literacy, memory, authority, and many other areas of society have all been influenced by photography. It has infiltrated every element of existence, from birth to death.

Because photographers could readily create spectacular fighting scenes, war became an immediate hit with 19th century photographers. What is said to be the world’s first image of a war? What best represents the style of photojournalists in the nineteenth century?

How did Muybridge’s work contribute to cinematography?

Muybridge is best known today for his pioneering chronophotography of animal locomotion, which used multiple cameras to capture the different positions in a stride between 1878 and 1886, and for his zoopraxiscope, a device for projecting painted motion pictures from glass discs that predated the flexible perforated.

What inspired Impressionism?

Manet’s example encouraged the Impressionists to pursue their own creative paths, and although their subject matter was often less provocative than Manet’s nude picnic, his pioneering work paved the door for them to create in the manner they desired.

How did Impressionism change art?

Impressionist painters demonstrated a new method of seeing and depicting the world in their work, eschewing realistic portraits in favor of transient perceptions of their environment, by rejecting the rigorous norms of the beaux-arts (“fine arts”).

What role did photography play for Thomas Eakins?

Eakins, who was primarily a painter and sculptor, did not produce pictures for display. He took intimate images of family and friends, scientific records, and utilized his photographs as teaching aids in his art courses and other endeavors.

Who created the salon de refuses?

The Salon des Refusés (French: Salon of the Refused) was a French art exhibition organized in Paris in 1863 under Napoleon III’s decree for painters whose works had been rejected by the official Salon jury.

Why did this painting cause controversy when it was exhibited at the Salon of 1857?

The Gleaners (Musée d’Orsay, Paris), which was shown in the Salon of 1857, caused a stir due to its candid portrayal of rural poverty. Millet’s gleaners’ bowed stances, as well as his thick application of paint, underline the physical difficulty of their labor.

Which artist is associated with Abstract Expressionism quizlet?

Paul Jackson Pollock (January – August), better known as Jackson Pollock, was an important American painter and a key player in the abstract expressionist movement.


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The “the enlightenment valued faith and liberty over reason.” is a quote from Edgar Degas. Photography played an important role in the work of Edgar Degas.

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